About (The Heritage Gospel Chorale of Pittsburgh)

Presenting The Heritage Gospel Chorale of Pittsburgh

Who We Are: The Heritage Gospel Chorale of Pittsburgh is an auditioned mixed chorus whose mission is to perform high quality choral music in the Pittsburgh region and across the USA.  The Heritage Gospel Chorale of Pittsburgh is founded and conducted by renowned Pittsburgh-area music director Dr. Herbert V.R.P. Jones.    We enjoy coming together to learn and perform choral music for music lovers throughout the Pittsburgh community.  Our season typically includes two main concerts.

Rehearsals are held every Monday evening, August through mid-June.

Mission Statement: The Mission of The Heritage Chorale of Pittsburgh is to perform a wide variety of high quality choral music and inspire in ourselves and our audience a greater love and understanding of music, African-American Sacred Choral Music and Gospel Music.  We are committed to enriching the lives of singers, audiences, and our communities through education, performance, and collaboration.

How we are Governed and Funded:  A 9-member Board of Directors manages the operational and financial affairs of The Heritage Gospel Chorale of Pittsburgh, and meets quarterly.

Financial support comes from ticket sales, contributors, advertisers, member dues, fund raisers, and grants from local companies, foundations, and cultural councils. The Heritage Gospel Chorale of Pittsburgh is a 501 (c) 3 Non-profit choral ensemble. All contributions to the Chorale are tax-deductible.


Open Rehearsals and Auditions:  Our open rehearsals will give you an opportunity to "try us out" to see if we are the right group for you.

We admit members through auditions in the fall and winter.  Auditions are by appointment.  You can sign up for an audition at the Open Rehearsals or at any concert.

Auditions:  Auditions include:

  • Singing a set of warm-up exercises to provide a sense of your vocal range
  • Singing a solo of your choosing which can be accompanied by piano, including hymns, arias, show tunes, even "My Country Tis of Thee" (though not mandatory)
  • Sight-reading

Qualification for Membership  (from The Heritage Gospel Chorale of Pittsburgh's By-laws): "Membership is open to all individuals, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, handicap, or gender who: (i) successfully complete an entrance audition by the music director/conductor; and (ii) pay membership and other fees as determined by the Board of Directors.